About Us

​ Meralco understands that its customers have unique challenges in their operations both in the short and long term. As such, their energy requirements are varied and diverse.  

Meralco’s Corporate Partners serves the needs of customers from the public and private sectors with contracted capacity of at least 500kW. These customers represent the Philippines top 10,000 corporations including conglomerate accounts with contracted capacity between 40kW to 499kW. 
Spearheading the Meralco Corporate Partners engagements with corporate clients are its Relationship Managers (RMs). The RMs are thought leaders who are technical and regulatory experts culled from years of experience in the industries of oil and gas, telecommunications, IT, real estate, F&B, construction, semi-conductor, fast moving consumer goods and energy. With their combined unrivaled source of knowledge, the RMs are energy consultants who counsel private and national government accounts on the most complex energy requirements and solutions - from the initial planning stages of customer project developments, the actual service application process, up to the actual connection to the power grid, power quality and energy efficiency management as well as providing beyond the meter energy services. 

Our relationship managers engage customers on a one on one basis to better understand their power requirements and work in collaboration with various Meralco units like the Technical Support Group, Marketing and Customer Solutions and Meralco subsidiaries to come up with viable solutions that will enable its customers to grow their business.