Our Customers

Our Corporate Partners are comprised of the top commercial and industrial corporations -- the leaders in the arena of semiconductor, property development, food & beverage, healthcare, automotive, steel, petrochemical, banking & finance and retail services just to cite a few. These conglomerates and corporations are fuelling job creation, building home grown capabilities, driving economic stability, investing in new technology for their operations, attracting overseas businesses to bring their investments into the Philippines and exporting Philippine products and services to the world.

The Meralco Corporate Partners also refer to key national government offices with energy consumption beyond 499 kw, such as the House of Senate and Representatives, MalacaƱang Palace and Armed Force of the Philippines, Office of Civil Defense and

The Meralco Corporate Partners provide end to end support to its corporate and local government unit (LGU) clients - from the initial planning stages of customer project developments and the actual service application process, up to the actual connection to the power grid and power quality management.