Energy Services

To keep your business operations seamless, reliable and efficient power delivered to your facilities is a must. This is why you need more than just a power utility distributor, but a partner who understands the full extent of your energy requirements. Meralco offers an optimal mix of solutions to ensure that your energy use, equipment and overall facilities work together to ensure the competitive edge of your business. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information on this service.
Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is an energy service that employs thermography to complement the other preventive maintenance technologies in increasing the efficiency of the electrical and mechanical equipment. This on-site service provides a cost-effective way for industrial customers to conduct routine maintenance on their mechanical and electrical equipment to minimize disruptions, ensure safety and reduce operational costs. 

Power Quality Consult

With an increasing dependence on highly sensitive electronic devices, many business owners find it necessary to have a higher lever of power quality. Through this service, we can provide power quality consultancy, where we assess and present possible quality measures pertinent to the field of operation. 

Power Quality Memo

In order to correctly identify the cause of power quality problems, it is sometimes necessary to monitor your power supply points over an extended period of time. Through this service, we can gather important and accurate data to find the source of the problem - how it behaves, help improve the performance of your facility operations and how it affects your plant equipment. 

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