Power Profile

Commercial and industrial customers each have their own unique energy needs. The consumption pattern or the load profile shows you how much energy your facilities use, and when you use it.

The Power Profile analysis provides you with
relevant operations data, offers you control, and
gives you the power to make informed decisions.

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Rates Table

1 Month A month's load profile will suffice if the consumption patterns for the entire year is constant. P15,000/LP/Month
3 Months 3 months of load profile can be used for trending of load management and validation of consumption patterns. P14,000/LP/Month
6 Months 6 months of load profile will be sufficient for trending of load management forecasting. A glimpse of seasonality of operations will be available. P12,000/LP/Month
12 Months 12 months of load profile can achieve higher accuracy in load forecasting and lower risk from under or over nomination. Seasonality of operations can be captured. P12,000/LP/Month
Extra Copy   P800/LP/Month